As the survivor generation ages, it is important that their personal accounts of the Holocaust are collected and preserved in order to share and educate future generations. ‘Remember Their Stories’ is a forum for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to voice and document their family’s history.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let me introduce myself...

We all grow up using special, and often affectionate, nicknames for our grandparents-- Nanna and Pop Pop, Grandma and Grandpa, and in my case something slightly more unique-- Buba (Boo-bah), which is the Hebrew word for doll, and Ziedi (Zay-dee), which is the Yiddish word for grandfather.

Recently, I was sitting in my Ziedi's kitchen in Florida, watching him knead challah dough in preparation for Shabbat dinner. The yeasty, sweet smell permeated the small space and enveloped me in a warm hug. I've always loved watching him bake, he navigates around the kitchen with quiet ease. Now, clad in his flour-dusted apron, he bends over the counter to inspect his work, massaging the dough a few more seconds until he is satisfied with the consistency. It’s easy to imagine sharing my Ziedi's recipes for hamantaschen and chicken soup with my children—food has always been the medium in which my Ziedi communicates, gathering family around the dinner table nightly for multiple-course meals.

To appreciate my Ziedi’s insistence on good, hearty food for every meal is to know his past. And as he gets older, I realize how increasingly important it is to understand his story, so in addition to his recipes, I can pass down his legacy.

I am the granddaughter of Samuel Sysman, a Holocaust survivor, and I intend to tell his story through this blog. Please share your stories and questions with me, I look forward to being inspired.


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