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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Current Exhibitions at The Jewish Museum

In celebration of Hanukkah, my friend and I visited The Jewish Museum today on the Upper East Side. Two exhibits worthy of seeing are:

A Hanukkah Project: Daniel Libeskind's Line of Fire - The installation displays a wide range of modern to traditional menorahs, totaling 40 Hanukkah lamps from all over the world. Below is a Hanukkah lamp by David Heinz Gumbel, Heilbronn, Germany, early 1930s, silver, hand-worked.

– This exhibition features works by seven artists inspired by Hanukkah. My favorite, pictured below, a creative and fun interpretation of old traditions by Lyn Godley, titled Miracle (2004), will surely bring a smile to your face. Backlit digital imagery is illuminated one 'candle' at a time as the LED and flicker bulbs light up from right to left. Other artists’ works include: Alice Aycock's Greased Lightning, a kinetic, steel sculpture with three rotating driedels, and Matthew McCashin's Being the Light, another bright wall-mounted menorah with porcelain light fixtures and metal electrical conduit.
Seven Artists

Both exhibits run through January 30, 2011. Saturdays admission is free. For museum hours and more information, go to

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