As the survivor generation ages, it is important that their personal accounts of the Holocaust are collected and preserved in order to share and educate future generations. ‘Remember Their Stories’ is a forum for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to voice and document their family’s history.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Message from Dana Weinstein at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

At the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we work to make sure the Holocaust's lessons about individual responsibility and the dangers of indifference continue to shape the world around us.

But in a century already marked by genocide and an alarming rise in hatred, this effort grows more challenging—and more urgent—with each passing day. 

Today's younger generation holds the key to carrying these lessons forward, but a survey found that 20 percent of American high school students could not identify Hitler or name the countries the United States fought in World War II. Our Museum remains an essential source of knowledge to educate new generations about the Holocaust and ensure its horrors are never repeated. 

But we can't do it alone. Please consider contributing a special gift to the Museum today:

Your gift will help educate young people the world over about Holocaust history and the dangers of unchecked hate. In doing so, you honor the victims of the Holocaust and turn their memory into action. 

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